A dessert lover’s dream hidden in one of Manchester’s best all-day hangout spots.

Inside Ducie Street Warehouse, Ducie St, Manchester, M1 2TP
07399 775196

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12pm - 6pm
Thursday: 12pm - 6pm
Friday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 6pm
Sunday: 10:30am - 6pm

If you’ve never visited the multi-faceted and unarguably well turned-out Ducie Street Warehouse then we’ve got one question for you — where on Earth have you been for the past few years? Situated just 100 metres away from Piccadilly Railway Station, just round the back of Manchester’s main train gateway, it’s one of the city’s true all-day hangouts, comprising bar, lounge, restaurant and arthouse cinema, with a great waterside terrace used for outdoor events in the warmer months. In and among this former-industrial pleasure palace you’ll also find Gooey, an exceptional New York-inspired cookie and doughnut bakery that catapulted to the top of the northern sweet tooth list within about five minutes of their first Insta post.

Established in March 2020, this proudly independent business serves on-site customers, local and — for anyone foolish enough not to live in our hometown — national delivery orders. And it’s not hard to understand why there is such widespread demand. Among the stellar options you’ll find traditional treats such as raspberry jam, chocolate custard donuts, and white chocolate cookies. But there’s so much more besides, like the Strawberry Sandwich — a fresh brioche sliced in half, filled with layers of strawberry jam, dollops of vanilla cream and fresh strawberries, with crystallised sugar thrown on top. Or how about the Kinderella Cookie, where hazelnuts, white chocolate and kinderella sauce meet caremelised hazelnut shards? Just one example of a revolving door of specials that come and go at what can only be described as absolute heaven for any dessert lover.