Sicilian NQ launch the Full Italian Breakfast

Featuring slow-cooked beef ragu, Barolo Italian Sausage, fried eggs and focaccia.

By NQ Administrator | April 14th '22

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The chefs at Sicilian NQ have created something very special for their excellent Breakfast Menu. A monumental Full Italian Breakfast.

It’s an Italian twist on this most British of dishes and I have to tell you – it’s very, very good.

Known across the globe for their exceptional culinary scene, it only makes sense that the Italians could tackle the Full Brekkie better than us – and luckily for us – Sicilian NQ haven’t deviated too much from what makes the classic English variation work so well.

For a very reasonable £9 you get the following:

Two Fried Eggs (great for dipping),
Slow-cooked Beef Ragu Arancienetti,
Creamy Parmesan Mushrooms,
Ham & Cheese Potato Crocchetta,
Barolo Italian Sausage
Parma Ham
and Focaccia.


Wonderful. The Full Italian joins a positively overflowing menu of Breakfast treats over at Sicilian NQ, a menu that includes huge platters (with fizz of course), Arancini, Sicilian Eggs Benedict and some impressive homemade sweet baked goods.

They also offer up a BOTTOMLESS option every Sunday, where you can choose a breakfast dish, and then get unlimited booze for 90 minutes. It’s £30 for Prosecco, or £40 for Aperol Spritz or homemade Limoncello.

Get yourself booked in at Sicilian NQ for brekkie right here…

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