Beaumont Organic

Responsible, ethical, and sustainable cotton, linen, and recycled denim women’s wear, in a store to die for.

Beaumont Organic
49 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EF
0161 971 9010

Wednesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm

The world has rarely felt more imperfect, and the “every little helps” philosophy simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Launched in 2008 by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia, Beaumont Organic is a modern womenswear specialist that sets a benchmark for responsible retail, with the focus on both ethically and sustainably made and sourced items, placing organic cotton at the centre of seasonal collections. More than just lip service in an age when it’s cool to be kind to the planet and its people, the store, buyers and designers are committed to asking questions about their processes and those of suppliers, creating better approaches to waste while empowering customers to make informed choices with true transparency in terms of impact on the world. Hence rising to become one of Manchester’s best for original, guilt-free garments, and elegant yet informal style.

Not just a catchy name, organic cotton has always been at the heart of Beaumont Organic’s lines, but the team is also dedicated to experimenting with and exploring new materials that complement the overall ethos. So, while GOTS certification proves no chemicals, pesticides, or GMO seeds were used in cotton production, knitting and weaving, you’ll also find Italian linen made with sustainability front and centre, and a range of recycled denim yarn-based designs. And, if aesthetics on the racks and rails aren’t enough of a sell, the brand’s flagship shop boasts stunning interior design that’s guaranteed to make a real impression. The ground floor of this Victorian townhouse boutique is all natural woods, soft creams and lush green plants, while the upper storeys are dedicated to the talented makers behind the exceptional clothing.

If you mention ‘Manchester’s Finest’ in store they’ll give you 10% off your order too.