NEW OPENING: The Northern Quarter’s Freshly Baked Bagel Shop & Cafe

By Emma Davidson | February 15th '22

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You’ll now be able to get freshly baked bagels and bunches of beautiful blooms at Ducie Street!

Founded during lockdown last year, Bread Flower is the brainchild of longtime pals Maya Black and Scarlett Jamieson, a florist and baker from Manchester. 

The duo joined forces to combine their expertise and create bunches of bagels and bouquets of flowers, originally selling them out of Kampus – with a cafe on the side, too. 

Their residency at Kampus stretched across the Christmas period last year and saw the duo sell hundreds of their sourdough specialities to the folk of the city. They also held workshops and events from flower arranging to supper clubs, indie markets and yoga classes.

Now, the pals have left their digs at Kampus and, starting from yesterday, Bread Flower have taken over the counter at Ducie Street Warehouse to serve bagel baskets, sandwiches and bunches of flowers!  

Their sourdough bagel sandwiches come with either Manchester Smokehouse Smoked Salmon or Pastrami and Scarlett’s gorgeous floral creations include seasonal blooms that’ll brighten up any home. 

You can also grab baskets of bagels on their own, with either poppy seeds, sesame seeds or just as they are, £8 for half a dozen or £15 for a dozen. 

To be honest, nothing sounds more comforting than a big basket full of warm bagels intertwined with flowers lovingly made by two pairs of Manc hands! Hopefully they’ll also bring even MORE ace events to Ducie Street, too. 

If you work in the city centre, then it’s imperative that you make Bread Flower your newest go-to lunch spot.

Ducie Street Warehouse also has the beauty of its Gooey counter, meaning that it’s slowly becoming the go-to place to do a bit of OOO work, enjoy a few drinks or treat yourself to a slap-up meal, alongside a calendar of ace DJs. 

Bread Flower is open at Ducie Street Warehouse from 10am until 2pm Monday to Saturday, or until they fully sell out!


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