Livewell is Launching Tarot Card Readings Every Tuesday at its Stevenson Square Store

Hosted by tarot reader Aphrodite’s Baby, visitors will get the opportunity to reconnect with their inner selves.

By Emma Davidson | October 3rd '22

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Located on the corner of Stevenson Square, Livewell is a haven for crystal lovers and coffee drinkers alike, with a huge selection of gifts and quirks in its intimate store. 

In keeping with its theme of wellbeing, lifestyle and spirituality, starting tomorrow Livewell is launching ‘Tarot Card Tuesdays’, a full day event which sees Aphrodite’s Baby offer tarot reading services to those making the trip to the store on a Tuesday. 

There are many benefits to the practice, including; guidance from a higher consciousness, a glimpse into a past life, a better understanding and judgement of the past, present and future, clarity on situations, introspection and self-discovery – and the sessions will run between 10am and 6pm for those wanting to explore deeper, inner connections. 

Guests will be able to ask one, two or three questions, alongside the ‘Wheel of the Year’, which ushers you through the four seasons. There’s also the option to choose a custom spread which is more tailored to your needs and any personal questions you may want guidance and answers for.  

Speaking of the Tarot event, Aphrodite’s Baby said: “Getting a Tarot Reading is an amazing way to open yourself up to the Universe and receive guidance and knowledge to help you in this lifetime.

“It can also help you unlock parts of yourself that have been hidden and can guide you to a more trustful relationship with yourself and your Intuition. A Tarot Reading can also help provide clarification on a situation that you may be confused about or unsure of.” 

Alongside the tarot readings, guests can also explore Livewell’s huge range of sustainable, holistic items that constantly aim to explore concepts and ideas around wellbeing.

After extensive renovations, the LiveWell Studio is also located below the Northern Quarter store and is home to alternative classes and workshops ‘to stimulate the mind and body’ with a focus on current wellbeing trends.

Alongside this, guests can grab coffees, juices, shakes and small bites throughout the week, making it an idyllic location to recuperate whatever time of day.

You can book a session now via the link below.


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