A NEW 'Reformer' Pilates Studio has opened in the Northern Quarter

They also have an Introductory Offer with 3 Classes for £50 to all new members…

By Emma Davidson | September 27th '22

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A new ‘reformer’ pilates studio has opened up on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter, a progression of Runway Pilates‘ already well-established studios over in Alderley Edge and Altrincham.

You may be wondering what ‘reformer’ pilates is and that’s okay – because I’m about to tell you. A reformer machine is a unique piece of equipment that has been designed to lengthen, strengthen and balance you.

It uses your own body weight combined with spring resistance, with high-intensity, low-impact exercises to help you improve your strength, flexibility, posture, core and overall appearance.

There are over 500 different exercises you can try in a class, so there’s plenty of variety and you’ll never get bored with exercising.

Runway Pilates offer up classes for all ages and abilities, and for all levels, with five different classes to choose from; ALIGN, EMPOWER, ENERGISE, TRIPE A and RUNWAY MIX.

The beauty of this style of exercise is that it’s low-impact and gentle on the joints, but can pack in a serious burn and make a real difference to core strength and alignment.

What’s more, Runway have a special Introductory Offer of 3 CLASSES FOR £50 to all new members, which you can get below…