Caroline Dowsett's New Solo Exhibition opens in Ducie Street Warehouse

UNITOM in partnership with Ducie Street Warehouse presents 'Here You Are' by artist Caroline Dowsett...

By NQ Manchester | August 11th '22

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Set to open up on Thursday 11th August, artist Caroline Dowsett’s new solo exhibition, ‘Here You Are‘, will take over the walls of Ducie Street Warehouse – a collection of work she’s produced over the last 12 months.

After finishing a degree in Graphic Design from Manchester School of Art, Caroline spent the first half of her twenties illustrating still life and empowering the female presence, but over the last few years, she has become more interested in exploring abstract patterns and forms.

The shift blossomed during a time when Dowsett was forced to rest with an autoimmune illness. As a way of healing and coping with a variety of abstract symptoms, she developed an energetic style of drawing that can be described as a positive re-enforcement—using bright, bold, and cheerful colours, abstract shapes, and fluid lines of movement.

Using acrylics, oil pastels and spray paint, Dowsett hopes to inspire happiness, remind us of the versatility of the human experience, and appreciate each moment. Working with a variety of colour palettes, she creates euphoric gestures using shapes, colours, and lines to convey messages of joy.

‘Here You Are’ will be on display at Ducie Street Warehouse until 30th October 2022


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