Lazy Tony’s Lasagne set for new sit-in Northern Quarter home!

Lasagne, tiramisu, mozzarella sticks - all coming to the NQ.

By Ben Brown | Last updated July 13th '21

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You MUST have heard of Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria by now. They’ve been everywhere this last couple of months – all over people’s Instagram feeds, and in their very happy tummies.

They’ve set the city alight with their phenomenal Lasagne ‘slabs’, even introducing a 100% vegan one, a Short rib and Chicken Alfredo versions of the classic Italian dish. Not only that, they’ve also created the cheesiest Mozzarella Sticks known to man, fresh garlic bread, mac and cheese and what is probably the best you’ll ever eat in your life – their Espresso Martini Tiramisu!

Launching during lockdown, Lazy Tony’s have been solely operating on a collection and delivery service, with a few pop-up events sprinkled in here and there. With some seriously impressive success in the short time since opening, they’ve gone from selling 40 lasagnes a week to over 200!

It’s not hard to see why they’ve been so popular, not only do their lasagne’s look the part – they’ve damn tasty too! Massive portions of fresh pasta oozing their tangy homemade ragu sauce, topped with white sauce and tonnes cheese… amazing.

Well, news has reached my ears that they’re set to head to a new home right in the heart of the Northern Quarter, operating as a proper restaurant where you can sit down and enjoy your lasagne sat down with a few beers and cocktails.

Unfortunately for now though – I can’t tell you where it is – so you’ll have to have a guess. The first person to get it right – I’ll buy you dinner when it opens (which will be very soon!)

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials over the next few weeks with where they’ll be opening up, and also for news on their massive opening party!