Faces of the NQ: Louis Bever

By NQ Administrator | Last updated August 23rd '19

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“I was born in Germany but moved to France when I was 13. I then went to sixth-form in Milan. My childhood was like one big inter-rail. Last October I moved to Withington, I love it, it’s full of horrifically cheap pints, great bars and a Sainsbury’s.

My main hobbies are running to Drum & Bass and photography. I’ve also just taken up life drawing which I surprisingly really enjoy. I got into photography through my grandfather, he was in the army and really enjoyed taking pictures of things that caught his eye. I could never quite get my head around how a photo was created. An exposure on a roll of film, a quick burst of light, followed by chemicals being thrown onto that exposure creating a photo baffled me. I’ve shot a lot of great characters over the years but my Dad in his army service uniform has to be my favourite!

From November last year I have been working at Northern Quarter’s menswear boutique, Oi Polloi. I have always loved Men’s fashion, being surrounded by my favourite brands is class. It’s the best shop in the NQ and full of the best-looking, most charming, great and modest employees.

Jokes aside, I love the NQ’s huge array of independently owned shops, restaurants and bars. If you want to grab some food or a pint after work, you’re spoilt for choice. The amount of great characters you come across is lovely too, it’s full of likeminded creative people. I can’t complain really!”

– Louis Bever, Photographer and Oi Polloi Sales Assistant