The Pen & Pencil's 6th Birthday Quiz - where you can win £300!

By Ben Brown | February 9th '22

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On Tuesday the 1st March, The Pen & Pencil will host a quiz to celebrate 6 years in the business with some BIG prizes!

Sitting on the corner of Hilton and Tariff Street, The Pen & Pencil is known for its boozy brunches, wide range of cocktails and team of resident DJs that tear the place up every weekend!

The venue takes its name from the infamous mid-20th century bar on East 45th Street in New York’s Steak Row, which was popular in the 70s with sleazy journalists and advertising men in ill-fitting, sweat soaked suits.

That’s not the vibe at Pen & Pencil, though, as the pub has served as a platform for its punters to enjoy some great food, drink, speciality cocktails and bloody good times together since it opened its doors back in 2016.

On Tuesday 1st March, the pub will be celebrating its 6 years of operation the only way it knows how to, with a big piss up and a quiz that’ll see one team win a whopping cash prize of 300 QUID!

Automatically my mind goes into overdrive thinking about what I’d spend my share of the cash on, and, to be totally honest, I can see myself putting it all back into Pen & Pencil on wine, cocktails and poached eggs. I’d absolutely say the same for my pals, too. We should probably grow up.

It’ll be happy hour in the bar from 5pm until close at the event, so you’ll be getting a tonne of good deals to see you nicely through the evening, and, who knows, you could even win all of the cash you’ve spent at the bar back at the end of the night. It’s time to brush up on that general knowledge!

The quiz is completely free to attend and will be hosted by Comedy Producer and Quiz Master, John Stansfield from Quizimodo, so you can guarantee it’ll be one big barrel of laughs!

If you fancy going to the pub on the 1st March with the potential of leaving £300 richer, grab your most intelligent pals and stick The Pen & Pencil’s 6th birthday quiz in your diary.


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