Super Happy: The Northern Quarter Sandwich Shop from the team behind Batard

Taking over Ducie Street Warehouse from early September, Super Happy will bring sandwiches, cakes and bakes to its debut home.

By NQ Manchester | August 9th '22

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For the past month, the sneaky team behind the brand-new Northern Quarter sandwich joint, Super Happy have been teasing us on Instagram with snippets of their tasty new lunch time venture.

Brought to life by the brains behind Batard, which currently sits inside Escape Freight Island and takes inspiration from ‘mom n pop’ shops, bakeries, diners, luncheonettes, deli counters, pie shops and PROPER caffs, Super Happy will provide a new place for city centre lunch.

As the name states, the deli has a focus on food that makes you ‘super happy’, and you’ll be able to grab a range of breakfast and lunch items, as well as freshly-baked sweet treats, something that Batard is already famous for.

From what we’ve seen already, Super Happy will have items such as half chocolate, half vanilla glazed donuts, deep-fried peach crullers, vegan miso apple fry pies – that come with caramelised apple and miso caramel – as well as freshly baked bread wizardry.

Moving onto the sandwiches themselves, the team have been hard at work crafting bespoke creations and unique butties that only belong in the heart of the city’s Northern Quarter.

For example, the Philly Cheesesteak comes loaded with steak, truffle cheese sauce and caramelised onions all encased in a fluffy baguette, and the Hoagie also looks incredible, packed with Italian cured meats, fresh salad, sauce and cheese.

If you’re veggie, the team has also been working on a few options to satisfy your herbivore cravings – one of the standouts being a ricotta special, stuffed with velvety cheese, pickled yellow courgette and juicy tomatoes all atop homemade Turkish bread.

Yesterday, the sandwich specialists took to Instagram, stating: “01/09/22 – Ducie Street Warehouse (if everything goes smoothly). Fresh and fast sandwiches in the NQ. Bringing a new flavour to your routine. Daily bread, first-class pastries and feel good food.”

So, you’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t bother packing your cling film wrapped sandwiched early September, join the newly formed Super Happy queue set to take over Ducie Street and transform the 12.30pm dash to Subway.


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