Lazy Tony’s Lasagne Slab Shack returns to the Northern Quarter

Black Leaf will be moving out of Alvarium and Lazy Tony moving in.

By NQ Manchester | April 20th '22

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Black Leaf has announced that it will be temporarily closing its Alvarium kitchen from Wednesday 27th April. 

The esteemed vegan eatery has built up an impressive following over the past few years, but this isn’t the end for their particular blend of unique, plant-based cuisine.

Taking on Instagram, the restaurant said: “This is not the end for Black Leaf, although closing for now, we will be returning as soon as possible, and bigger and better than ever.

“We are so grateful for all of the support from you and have loved every moment of our time here at Alvarium, however we now believe our brand is strong enough to fly the nest and have a space of our own, to grow Black Leaf further into everything we aspire to be.”

With a free space now in its downstairs kitchen, Alvarium has announced that Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria will be moving in for the foreseeable future.

Lazy Tony’s is currently serving out of a hatch in Ancoats, and has built up a cult following of pasta fanatics since it opened its doors during lockdown. Home of the infamous lasagna slab, the restaurant has something for everyone – featuring Mac n Cheese, Vodka Penne and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Alvarium said: “From Friday the 29th April, we will be welcoming Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria into our restaurant downstairs. Lazy Tony’s are hyped for this opportunity and we’re excited to bring them in and see where we can take the Alvarium brand alongside their partnership.

“Although we will be sad to part ways with Black Leaf, our space has always been one which allows small brands to grow into their own. Lazy Tony’s started in lockdown and immediately gained a great following. Each section of their menu has both veggie and vegan options and they, like ourselves and Black Leaf, are focussed on becoming a concept that you know and love.

“We look forward to seeing what Black Leaf will become in the future, and what Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria have in store for us!”

From now until the 27th of April, Black Leaf is offering 25% OFF food Monday – Thursday, so if you’re still yet to make the trip make sure you get down and say your goodbyes!

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