Half price gourmet kebabs in the Northern Quarter

BAB are offering 50% off their delicious kebab creations this month

By NQ Manchester | Last updated January 14th '22

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You may have heard about a lovely little venue in the Northern Quarter called BAB. Championing the kebab cuisine with a wide and delicious selection of mezze as well, BAB have created a menu of kebabs “worth sitting down for”.

Starting from Monday 10th January, they’ll be offering a very welcome 50% off their wonderful kebabs if you choose to dine between Monday and Wednesday. All you need to do is book a table and they’ll do the rest! Easy.

But, what can you order? What kebab should you go for? Well, there’s always their most popular creation, the Lamb Adana (£6.25 with discount) with kebab shop salad and house chilli, or their spicy Aleppo Chicken (£6.25 with discount) which comes loaded with hummus, peppers and thoum.

If you’re vegan, or taking part in Veganuary, BAB have a Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli Kebab (£4.75 with discount) that is out of this world good, as well as a Butternut Squash (£5 with discount) offering that’s part of their brand-new menu.

Flat Iron Steak Kebab

Also on the new menu is a classic blast from the past, and one of BAB’s most popular kebabs EVER – the Flat Iron Steak (£7 with discount) that comes topped with whipped blue cheese, truffle, pickled raising, walnuts, balsamic onions and beetroot puree.

Another new addition is the Hot Crispy Chicken Kebab (£6.25 with discount), a Scallop Kebab (£7.25 with discount) and one that will put hairs on your chest; the super-hot Hot Stuffed Trio Peppers Kebab (£5.50) which is topped with stuffed scotch bonnets, jalapeños, padron peppers and goats cheese.

Mixed (Meat) Kebab

Finally, if you think you’re a kebab connoisseur then you should choose one of their special ‘Mixed’ kebabs, either the Meat version (lamb adana, allepo chicken and cheesy chips) or the Seafood one (soft shell crab, deep fried calamari and octopus).

Whatever you choose – you’re going to proper enjoy yourself – and that 50% off certainly isn’t going to put you off a visit. Get yourself booked in below.

Between Monday and Wednesday.
Starting from 10th January.

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