Bottomless Drinks and Bottomless Food for 3 hours at The Pen & Pencil's monthly brunch social

The Pen & Pencil is one of Manchester's OG brunch spots and has been serving the iconic bottomless version for almost six years.

By Eliza Barrett | March 9th '22

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Not only do you get unlimited cocktails, you also get BOTTOMLESS food, meaning you can stuff your face with as much avocado toast and pancakes you set eyes on in three hours.

Yes, that’s right, no more measly 90 minute brunches, you have a whole three hours to chow down on some delicious food and drink, even leaving time for a bit of digestion, too. Heartburn be gone!

The bar has recently added a couple of new dishes to its menu, a version of the popular Middle-Eastern breakfast classic, Shakshuka and a Mexican Bean Muffin.

Shakshuka originated as a breakfast for workers, who would scoop the eggs and sauce into pita bread for a convenient handheld breakfast. You’ll traditionally find that the dish consists of poached eggs in a spiced tomato sauce with olive oil, peppers, onion and garlic. Pen & Pencil’s version, the Shakshuka Sourdough, comes with a roasted red pepper and tomato shakshuka served with toasted sourdough.

The brand-new Mexican Bean Muffin consists of a Black bean patty, chimichurri, rocket, sundried tomatoes, fresh chilli all encased in a grilled breakfast muffin.

Alongside the two new additions to the brunch menu, you can also choose from a variety of the classics; such as Avocado and Feta on grilled sourdough, American pancakes, Steak & Eggs (which is absolutely UNREAL, especially the hash brown that comes with it), Florentine, Eggs Benedict or Eggs Royale.

Let’s not forget about the unlimited drinks, you can choose from ProseccoMimosas, pints of AmstelBloody Marys and the Brunch Cocktail Special, which changes weekly.

Pen & Pencil’s bottomless brunch is available on the last Saturday of every month for £45pp.

The bar also has space for groups of 10-20 available to book bottomless brunch at any day or time. To book a table, you can call the team on 0161 660 3303.