Trof NQ’s new Bourbon Bar ~ Much More Than Just Bourbon

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Trof NQ has been a stalwart of the Northern Quarter easy eats and drinking scene for the past few years. With the addition of a new bourbon bar on the first floor and a menu overhaul, they’ve  just upped the game on the socialising front.

Trof Northern Quarter Manchester Bourbon Bar

Trof NQ’s new, well-stocked bourbon bar

Exposed brick, rough cut wood and leather seating are interplayed with the Trof brand’s quirky eye for leftfield design highlights; making this a bit of a hip hangout with a multitude of nooks and crannies for you to rest your weary eyes or get up close and personal in. You’ll find a mix of after work drinkers, hipsters who’ve just got out of bed, creatives using it as their office space/procrastinating on Twitter and mates having a good time on a night out.

The menu concentrates on home-cooked, comfort food; burgers here, curry there, salads for the dieters, breakfast served (usefully) late. The menu dips its toe in a few food fads, but is generally just a round of things that sound good to eat. And boy are they good to eat! All the food’s made on site by chefs that seem to know what they’re doing. They use locally sourced, free range, seasonal, fairtrade, fresh ingredients – and best of all portions are generous and the price isn’t too high for the Northern Quarter.

Big, juicy, well made, pink in the middle chuck steak burger

The burger is a salty, juicy patty served pink and cut through with a traditional slab of refreshing gherkin: a pork and chorizo burger is smokey sweetness in a light bricohe bun. Bangers and mash is massive – three chunky sausages on a bed of the most buttery mash, all surrounded by the stickest onion gravy, good for dipping in with the crispy fries that come with the burger – or even better, your fingers!

If eating’s cheating, then Trof’s a great place to whet your whistle – there’s a good selection of real beers, ales and ciders, plus lagers for those hot days (that we have so many of around here!) and there’s a comprehensive cocktail list to get the night started. With the addition of the bourbon bar upstairs there’s now at least 30 bourbons to work through, plus innumerable bourbon cocktails; all served by their bourbon savvy staff.

Trof’s open late and usually has music on over the weekend – there’s a quiz in the week, homemade cake and free wi-fi; plus a Sunday roast to sooth your drink worn stomach the next day – at Trof NQ there’s something for everyone.

Trof NQ / 8 Thomas Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M4 1EU
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