The Pen & Pencil

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Pen & Pencil

Fancy spending time in a bar that takes its name and inspiration from the infamous mid-20th Century bar on East 45th Street in New York, which was popular with newspaper journalists and ad men the original Mad Men’? If the answer is “yes” (and why would it be anything else?) then you are in luck because The Pen & Pencil is open on the corner of Hilton & Tariff Street (where Drip used to be waaaay back now!) delivering “Brunch, Lunch, Cocktails, Good Times“.

Pen & Pencil interior

With the promise of bringing a “touch of New York glamour” to the Northern Quarter, The Pen & Pencil is open seven days a week from 10am until late with a strong day time offering with great breakfast, brunch and lunch (pen-pencil-nov-2016-food-menu) washed down with top quality coffee and freshly blended smoothies. This daytime offer flows seemlessly into the evening and on to the night where you can enjoy a great selection of beers, wines spirits and some fantastic cocktails (Pen & Pencil Drinks Menu).


On the weekends there are DJs helping turn The Pen & Pencil firmly into a party (check our weekly listings for more details) and there is a monthly live music nights on the first Wednesday of each month.


The Pen & Pencil should have something for everyone, whether offering the “NQs creative locals to chill, think, meet and enjoy great food and drink” or the more casual visitor. This is another great reason to give the Tariff Street end of the NQ a visit.

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The Pen & Pencil / 57 Hilton Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2EJ / WEBSITE