The Hip Hop Chip Shop comes to Kosmonaut

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Since 2014 The Hip Hop Chip Shop catering unit has been pulling up at music events, parties and festivals all over the UK bringing their awesome fare to the masses in a mobile Boombox full o’ fryers. Now though it is time for them to chuck down the anchors and settle in to a new crib. That new crib is Kosmonaut and the partnership promises to bring “a fresh set of flavours to town; whether you’re a feastie boy, meat junkie or a vegangstarr, they’ve got you.”

The Hip Hop Chip Shop’s co-owner and head chef, Luke Stocks, has devised a menu especially for the new residency; from the Lyte Bytes section, try the Fish Wrap full of battered fish biters, tartare sauce, mixed leaves and served in a tortilla wrap or the Halloumi Wrap (v) with battered halloumi fingers, spicy ‘slaw and mixed leaves on a tortilla wrap (£5.95 each, add chips for £2). Finishing off the Lyte Bytes are Ms. Fat Butty; battered fish biters, chips and minty mushy peas on a brioche bun (£5.95), the Meat Junkie Butty; chilli batter sausage wrapped in bacon with curry sauce on a brioche bun (£5.95) and DJ Kool Kerk made up of jerk batter fish, battered plantain and scotch bonnet pickled pepper (£6.95).


Next up on the menu are the Main Events, pick from the Feastie Boys; battered fish biters, chips, minty mushy peas and tartare sauce or Halloumi Myself and I (v) made up of battered halloumi fingers, chips and minty mushy peas (£7 each). The Main Events proceed to give you what you need with the Meat Junkie Meal; chilli batter sausage wrapped in bacon, chips served with curry sauce (£7), the Vegangstarr Meal (v/vg) built from soda battered vegan sausage, chips and minty mushy peas (£7) and the one and only Shell L Cool J Burger which is a louisiana spiced crabcake, battered smoky bacon, spicy ‘slaw served on a brioche bun with chips (£8). The Shinny Shinny Ya Pie is a shredded beef shin and mushroom shortcrust pie served with chips, pea fritters and black sunday gravy (£9) and the Slick Chick Burger gives you breaded cajun chicken, battered pepperoni, manchego cheese and spicy slaw on a brioche bun with chips (£8).


Stopping you from runnin’ away is the varied selection of Pharcydes which include Beer Batter Fish Biters (£3), Chunky Skin on Chips (v/vg) (£3), Chilli Batter Onion Rings (v/vg) (£3), Beer Batter Gherkins (v/vg) (£3), Beer Batter Plaintain (v/vg) (£3), Chilli Batter Potato Scallops (v/vg) (£3), Louisiana Spiced Crabcake (£4), Chilli Batter Sausage Wrapped in Bacon (£3), Battered Halloumi Fingers (v) (£3), Black Sunday Gravy (£1), Curry Sauce (£1), Minty Mushy Peas (v) (£1), Pea Fritters (v) (£2), Spicy ‘Slaw (v) (£1), Pickle Pepper (v/vg) (£1) and Side Salad (v/vg) (£2.50).


Time for the Aftermath and the Frittaz With Attitude (v) are created with vimto batter pineapple fritters, reduced vimto syrup and served with cornish clotted cream ice cream (£4), the Gin ‘n’ Juice Sorbet (v) is a blood orange sorbet with bulldog gin and dried citrus (£5) and the C.R.E.A.M. Brulee (v) is a caramac brulee served with chocolate and orange shortbread (£5). 

Our next move was always to expand and find a bricks and mortar place we can call home. It was so important to find the right venue with the right people and as soon as we met the owners and all the staff at Kosmonaut, it just felt right. They were proper passionate and full to the brim with ideas of what we could do together. For us, it’s all about simple food, done well. You won’t be finding any gluttonous eating challenges or ostentatious culinary smut here. Delicious good value food made from scratch served on actual plates in a warm inviting and fun atmosphere. And you can’t beat that with a bat.” ~ Co-owner Ozzie

In celebration of the brand new partnership, the team are obviously going to be throwing a launch party (Thursday 27th October, 6.30pm-11pm) to welcome one and all to their tenure aboard the good ship Kosmonaut. All in attendance will be provided with a selection of complimentary snacks from The Hip Hop Chip Shop and drinks courtesy of the Kosmonaut bar. If you want in, keep your eye on Kosmonaut’s Twitter for a chance to win tickets every day from today until the launch party.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop @ Kosmonaut / From 12th October 2016 / Thursday & Friday 4pm – 9pm / Saturday & Sunday Midday – 10pm
Kosmonaut / 10 Tariff Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2FF