The Gin Journey comes to Manchester

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Gin Journey MCR

The Gin Journey takes you around Manchester on a superbly entertaining curated trip drinking gin. If a guided tour around a few bars in Manchester drinking cocktails and spirits while learning about said spirit sounds familiar then that may be because you’ve heard of The Liquorists. Does that mean there isn’t room for anybody else on the scene? Of course not. There have always been plenty of taxis in Manchester but I’d be surprised if you haven’t got Uber on your phone. See, room for more. Besides The Liquorists are off building a new cheese and wine gaff out in Prestwich so they may well be otherwise engaged. There’s definitely room for The Gin Journey.

Gin Journey MCR, Leon Dalloway chats Beefeater

So now that itch is scratched what’s this Gin Journey and who are they? Well we’ve touched on what they do, and what they do they’ve been doing to high praise in London since the main man Leon Dalloway, a familiar face around the Northern Quarter bar scene, left Manchester to set up Shake Rattle and Stir back in 2013. Now he’s back to rock our world…with gin!

Gin Journey MCR, aDakin Manchester

The Gin Journey is a “fun and frolicking immersive exploration into the world of gin hosted by an expert Shake Rattle and Stir Gin Guardian”. During the evening guests are chauffeur driven by gin carriage aka a Mercedes Mini Bus to 5 top bars (including a couple in the NQ – Cane & Grain and Cottonopolis) where at each there’s a gin cocktail and a sample of gin to be quaffed. Throughout the evening the Gin Guardian will tell guests everything they ever wanted to know about gin’s history in the UK and beyond and particularly the connections with Manchester which run deep.

Gin Journey MCR, Cheers Whisky Business

The Gin Journey MCR (or#GinJourneyMCR for all you social media fiends) will run every Wednesday from the 3rd of February and each evening begins at 6.30pm and continues until 11pm. The cost is £45 per person all in but be warned this may well rise as 2016 goes on, so get in early. Tickets can be bought through their website.

Gin Journey MCR, Liverpool Gin Gin Journey Close Up

The Gin Journey MCR / Every Wednesday from 3rd February 2016 / 6.30pm – 11pm / £45pp / BUY TICKETS