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One of the more recent additions to the Northern Quarter is The Butcher’s Quarter which opened earlier in 2015.  No, this isn’t news of some fancy named new bar opening as is often the case in the Northern Quarter but a new independent butcher’s shop right in the heart of the NQ on Tib Street. This new shop brings an age old skill back to the city and is the only shop of its kind in the city centre. A welcome addition to the Northern Quarter and the city centre as a whole then.

Butcher's Quarter, Meat Cleaver

The Butcher’s Quarter brings the farm to the city centre as they source only the best quality local produce from farms surrounding Manchester. All the meat is butchered and prepared on site so you the customer gets exactly what you are after, be it, dry aged steaks, artisan chicken papillotes or just a standard pork shoulder for the smoker – the Butcher’s Quarter has it all.

Butcher's Quarter, Shop

It’s not just about meat at The Butcher’s Quarter as the shop also has a delicatessen and stocks a selected range of wines, cheeses, pies and continental meats (ok so there is more meat!).  All the products are specifically chosen by the owners and you can’t buy any of them in the supermarket.

What is also a nice touch is that The Butcher’s Quarter has started to supply some of the local restaurants in the city centre (Simple’s Sunday roasts now serve TBQ’s meat) and is now really finding its place in the community. No wonder the team are all smiling!

Butcher's Quarter, The Team

When you are next in the shop see if you can spot some tell tale sign’s of it’s past…it used to be a butcher’s shop 50 years ago!

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