Test the Head Chef at Pen & Pencil

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The Pen and Pencil has come up with a new concept in restaurant dining (well, it’s new to me anyway) at they will be pushing their Head Chef to his limits this February, challenging him to create a banquet menu in just 15 minutes, Ready, Steady, Cook style.

On Wednesday 22nd, guests will be asked to bring up to 5 ingredients/items for the chef to create, cook and serve up within the hour during his banquet style dinner. He will only be permitted to use small extras such as herbs, oils, spices, with the only main ingredients being those supplied by attendees on the night.

Danny The Pen & Pencil Chef

Tickets will cost £15, which includes a glass of prosecco on arrival, plus a choice of dessert off the menu to round off the evening. The next day diners will then receive a recipe card each showcasing the last-minute menu, meaning they can recreate the evening’s dishes themselves.

The event will start at 6.30pm, with tables of 4 – 6 available to book throughout the night until 9pm. Foods with a lengthy cooking process will not be allowed, just to ensure the night doesn’t roll into the next morning! 

So, if you fancy putting their chef to the test just contact info@thepenandpencilnq.co.uk to book your table and buy your tickets. You might have a few questions to email them about too, like does everyone with a ticket bring 5 things? Do they all have to be the same or does a table of 5 have 25 different ingredients? I honestly can’t tell you, I’m a little bit unsure how it’s all gonna work. If you’re up for it, even if it’s just to see what happens, be quick as capacity is strictly limited, please see below for terms and conditions before you book.

All this night is missing is Ainsley Harriott!

Ainsley Harriott

Test The Head Chef / Wednesday 22nd February / From 6.30pm / £15 pp
The Pen & Pencil / 57 Hilton Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2EJ


-Tables of 4, 5 or 6 permitted throughout the night.

-All guests on the table will have the same banquet.

-Due to the nature of the event no allergies can be catered for unfortunately. Vegetarians are welcome but will need to flag this when booking.

-No food item that requires a lengthy cooking process can be used – There will be 30-minute maximum cooking time on ingredients brought.

– All food items must be brought to the venue fully sealed and not frozen.