Tasty new menu comes to PLY

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This week PLY is officially launching its brand new food and drink menus, including seasonally inspired small plates, new Neapolitan wood fired pizzas and deliciously inventive cocktails.

To complement its notoriously delicious pizza, PLY is introducing a number of small plates that will sit comfortably next any cocktail or craft beer from PLY’s carefully constructed drinks menu. The new small plates include Charcuterie (£9) made up of Coppa ham, salami, smoked mutton, air-cured duck, pickles and bread and Beetroot Capaccio (£4), accompanied by goats’ cheese, maple and walnuts.

Also new is the, very fresh, Fennel & Orange Salad (£4.5) served with watercress, honey and thyme and the plate of succulent Lamb Chops (£7) marinated in anchovy, rosemary and garlic and also served with watercress.

Ply Small Plates

In the disco pizza oven, PLY is introducing some exciting new toppings to its authentic Neapolitan sourdough base. Rustica (£11) is a bianca with buffala mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket and sun dried tomato whilst the Pear & Blue Cheese (£9.50) is an explosion of flavour that binds fior di latte, gorgonzola, pear, maple walnuts with the additional option of crispy smoked pancetta (£11). Creative combo lovers will love the Chorizo & Squash (£11) topped with tomato, fior di latte, chorizo, roasted squash and smoked scamorza.

Mixing up the menu and adding to the increased variety are the comforting Asparagus (£9), a bianca withricotta, parsley, garlic and lemon and the Aubergine & Sweet Red Pepper (£9) topped with tomato, fior di latte, aubergine, red pepper, black olive and basil pesto.

Ply new pizzas

PLY is celebrating summer (or at least the time of the year that should be summer!) with some brand new arrivals to its cocktail menu too. First Day of Summer (£7) is a seasonal blend of gin, raspberry, basil and soda and the, fully buzzin’, Vitamin Bee (£7) is made up of gin, bergamot, honey and lemon or if you fancy something fruity have a pop at the Grapefruit Delight (£7.5) gin, orange, bitters and grapefruit beer.

The Blueberry Nectar (£7.5) is a rum, blueberry, coconut water and soda based dream and the Strawberry Fennel Flip (£7) is full of flavour and made up of rum, strawberry, fennel and cream. Stirring things up is the Tequila Old Fashioned (£8) blending tequila, mezcal, pineapple and caramel.

Providing the finishing touches to the drinks menu are the Americano Float (£6.5) a mixture of vermouth, coconut gelato and bubbles, the Baby Daiquiri (£3), a mini version made up of rum, citrus, sugar and the Chamental (£3) a little personification of summer blending strawberry aperitif and bitter mint.

“We wanted to make the menus even more interesting so we’ve kept the classics and added different styles of small plates, pizzas and some really nice, diverse options to the cocktail menu. We can’t wait to see how they go down”. ~ Rashid Khan, General Manager

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