Tasty new menu at Pen & Pencil

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The team behind Manchester’s ‘Mad Men’ inspired eatery, The Pen and Pencil, have launched a new menu mixing its firm favourites with brand spanking new creations. Expect new brunch dishes, mains, sides and smoothies!

Food, The Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter

Brunch time is about to get a little kick with N’duja Baked Eggs, two poached eggs baked in a n’duja and pepper ragu topped with feta and served with sourdough. There’s also the Brisket Benedict, with sourdough, beer braised brisket, pickled onion and carrot, and poached eggs topped with miso glaze. Firm fan favourites Steak and Eggs and Eggs Pen and Pencil are sticking around too, so there’s no need to panic. 

Food, pen-pencil-eggs-spinach-toastThe Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter

You’ll also find a few newbies from Noon including the Beetroot Salad, with roasted and pickled beets, goat’s cheese, rocket and toasted sesame dressed in aged balsamic on offer along with the old favourites such as Philly Steak Sandwich, caraway rye, pink strips of rump, Monterey Jack cheese, onion jam and rocket served with fries. 


If you just fancy a little something, something then sides now include the Beef Skewers, with BBQ glazing and ‘slaw or the Ham Croquettes, which are ham and pickles bound in smoked cheese sauce, breaded, fried and served with truffle mayo and pancetta pieces. 


And finally, to wash it all down, new smoothies include Salted Caramel, with toasted hazelnut, date and soya; Welcome to Americana, with peanut butter, soya, maple syrup, chilli and banana and the Another Bloody Avocado Smoothie, which includes tomato juice, brown sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, Tabasco and avocado. 


We are always looking to build on what we have and to continue to evolve and we are mega excited for people to try these new dishes.” ~ Dan Pollard, co-owner and director of The Pen and Pencil

Open seven days a week, The Pen & Pencil’s new lunch menu is served from 10am – 9pm Monday to Thursday, 10am – 8pm Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

The Pen & Pencil / 57 Hilton Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2EJ