Sugar Rays

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We’re blessed with choice when it comes to food and drink offerings in the Northern Quarter, with coffee shops, bars and restaurants catering to almost every need. But do we have a venue specialising in cocktails, gourmet hot dogs and waffles, playing disco, funk and soul into the early hours? Well yes actually we do now, it’s called Sugar Rays!

Sugar Rays cocktail 1

The sensory journey to New York starts at the door with the decor: Sugar Ray’s has taken inspiration from the best U.S disco culture & basement clubs. Head through the doors and descend into the basement where you’re met with an eclectic design, an impressive red tiled bar and an atmosphere set by a beautiful array of lighting.

Sugar Rays hot dog

When it comes to the aforementioned food, prepare to be whisked back to 1960/70s New York  with a menu of gourmet hotdogs & waffles, from a menu that will be changing weekly. Toppings include peanut butter, banana, haribo, candyfloss, tortilla chips and grated ginger to name a few (in no particular order and we’re not telling you which topping goes on which food-type!).

Sugar Rays Waffle

The Rye selection will be one of Manchester’s finest, and if American beers are your thing then the selection at Sugar Ray’s puts many stateside bars to shame. The cocktail list has been carefully curated by two very familiar faces on the Manchester scene, Alex Proudfoot & Pabsy, and promises to take you on a nostalgic trip via it’s mix of classic and contemporary drinks.

Sugar Rays cocktail 2

U.S. disco culture is deeply rooted in the fibre of Sugar Rays. The thoughtful selection of music is a nod to New York clubs such as The Loft and 12 West which produced a new sound that reverberated into a new millennium. Proper Old School Disco from talented DJs which will give any disco, funk & soul aficionado a run for their money and maybe teach them a thing or two.

Sugar Rays Waffle & Fizz

Sugar Rays is open now and certainly worth a visit.

Monday – Thursday 4pm – 1am / Friday & Saturday Noon – 3am / Sunday Noon – 1am
Sugar Rays / 14 Newton Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2AF