Stevenson Square ~ From Grey to Green?

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Stevenson Square ~ From Grey to Green?

Stevenson Square is grey. Sure there are some great pieces of street art brightening things up and the shopfronts do their bit too, but overall there is no denying that it is grey. But this is all set to change if a project set up by Red Rose Forest gets the funding it needs to begin ‘greening’ the square.

UPDATE: The total funding required for the project was reached and work starts from the 5th June. Stevenson Square is going green! Keep reading to see what’s in store.

A blueprint has been put together which proposes landmark street trees are planted, self-irigating hanging baskets installed and a ‘green roof‘ made of edible herbs and fruit planted on top of the disused public toilet which will sit alongside the current Outhouse street art project. It is proposed that liquid amber trees will be planted in the pavement and in the square’s central reservations in a reinstated surface material, which is made from recycled tyres. It is porous allowing the trees to receive oxygen and water which I think is pretty important for them!

Stevenson Square gone green

“Red Rose Forest has spent the last two decades making Greater Manchester greener. We’ve planted more than three million trees in that time and made a massive difference to the look and feel of our towns and cities. But planting more trees in urban areas has been shown to bring a range of other benefits. They can improve people’s health and well-being and by providing shading and cooling in the summer can help in the battle against climate change. Trees can also reduce the risk of flooding in urban areas by soaking up rainfall.” ~ Pete Stringer, Red Rose Forest

The project has already received support from Manchester City Council who will be donating funding and works towards the project, from CityCo, from resident’s group New Leaf and from various other institutions, but now they are looking for donations from local businesses and the community as a whole to help them achieve their target. With less than £5000 of the original £40k needed left to fund, if we all pledge a couple of quid we could soon see Stevenson Square transformed. If funding is secured it’s hoped the greening initiative can be delivered by this summer and we could all enjoy a more attractive square for us to sit and relax in and help create a ‘street café’ style environment. Now wouldn’t that be nice to see in the Northern Quarter?

If you want to find out more or to pledge a little (or a lot) then hit the button and let’s get greening!!  Stevenson Square Greening

  • I’ve always thought that Stevenson Square is really unattractive and it could definitely do with someone pumping life back into it. The idea of making the square a greener place is a great idea and I hope it happens soon!