PLY presents: #PLYin 90seconds – pre-opening exhibition

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PLY, Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester

From Thursday 7th August PLY hosts a very special pre-launch exhibition, #PLYin90seconds featuring seven internationally renowned creatives who have each produced a 90 second pizza themed film via their own artistic medium.

From weaving to graphic design, taking in Vine and YouTube this unique concept showcases each artist’s creation of a 90 second pizza themed film. Why? Because the pizzas PLY will serve in its bespoke wood fired oven, being imported from Naples, will take 90 seconds to bake.

The artists displaying their talents for #PLYin90seconds are Will Broome, Kyle M F Williams, Kayla Mattes, Andrew Salomone, Layla Sailor, Scott Wiener and April’s Animals and each of these artists will bring their unique talents to PLY with solo shows later in the year.

With the site still under construction, #PLYin90seconds will be an exhibition that faces out, with the films being played on screens positioned in the huge arched windows around the ground floor space that PLY will occupy on Stevenson Square.

#PLYin90seconds – a selection

Pizza Palace / Pizza Plague by Kyle M F Williams

Kyle, who also goes by the name of Keelay Jams, is a New York based artist famed for some of the most daring 6 second Vine clips. Making digital collages, sculptures, paintings and music this versatile artist likes pushing the boundaries, making content that’s almost impossible to produce.

Cheesy Rituals by Kayla Mattes

Cheesy Rituals by Kayla Mattes

Cheesy Rituals by Kayla Mattes

This visual artist, influenced by Kirsch aesthetics combines elements of textiles and new media to create some inspiring pieces. Kayla is producing a 90 second edit of her installation Cheesy Rituals based on our cultural infatuation with pizza.

Pizza eating monsters by Will Broome

London based illustrator Will Broome, best known for his work with Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Hugo Boss has created a series of signature characters for #PLYin90seconds. With his love for drawing emerging from his school years, this creative artist likes the simple art of making a mark.

Will Broome

Will Broome

#PLYin90seconds / From Thursday 7th August / 6pm / FREE
PLY / 26 Stevenson Square / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1DW