Pizza eating contest at PLY

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PLY Pizza Competition Featured

Like pizza? LOVE pizza? Reckon you can wolf a pizza faster than anyone in the Northern Quarter? Then you need to be at PLY on Wednesday 25th May as they are hosting a brand new pizza eating competition, where contestants will battle it out to win a £100 bar tab.

This challenge will test nine contestants in four rounds at the Stevenson Square hangout. Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will involve three entrants who will battle it out to scoff a sourdough margarita. The fastest in each round will be invited to the final round and will race to devour five scoops of gelato. Brain freeze is inevitable! The winner of the final round will win  the £100 bar tab to spend at PLY.

It’s all just a bit of fun – and a win, win situation for everyone involved, free pizza and a shot at a £100 bar tab! We’ve been hearing about all kinds of different tactics for these contests, will be interesting to see which one works the best!” ~ Beki Rymsza, PLY’s Marketing Manager

Entrance to the competition is free however, it is limited to nine places so book quickly if you want to get involved. To register as a contestant for the competition drop an email to

PLY pizza eating competition

PLY Pizza Eating Contest / Wednesday 25th May / 7pm / Free
PLY / 26 Lever Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1DW