Off The Fence! Exhibition at 2022NQ

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2022NQ previews their newest exibition, ‘Off The Fence!‘, a mixed-media exhibition, curated and organised by Manchester based designer Nathan Linney, aka ‘Loosebait‘ and co-director Rebecca McDonnell, on Friday 8th March.

Featuring 7 new and emerging north-west based artists and designers, including Robert Lomas, Jacob Graves, Ashleigh Grice, Corin Hall and Loosebait, the Off The Fence exhibition poses question about the decisions we often have to take in life when faced with a juncture and having to choose between ‘sitting on the fence’ or ‘taking action’. Each artist has created their own unique artistic response to these situations based on their own experiences and that of others.

Middle Cup Off The Fence

The show includes a series of originally designed screen prints from Robert Lomas, inspired by Beatles music legend John Lennon and astronaut Neil Armstrong. Ashleigh Grice will debut her first short-film entitled ‘Meet Me In the Middle’ exploring the journey of two people who take different paths in life, but arrive at the same point while Corin Hall embraces more politically charged messages in her work and the potential cultural impacts of social media and the role of the female artist; as well as the theme of craft vs concept. Hall utilises human form sculptures in this exhibition by projecting on to them to dreate an original installation piece.

Jacob Graves and Ffion Kilby have explored the role of ‘beigist’ or a ‘fence sitter’ for this exhibition and have made unique intricate paper sculpture designs and a series of digital postcards. Rebecca McDonnell has produced a series of new photographic works which communicate the need for journey and adventure as an artist and explore the effects of dark room photography processes.

The exhibition opens on Friday 8th March 2013 at 7pm with late night DJ set from BandIT and 2022NQ will be open from Noon until 3pm most days from 8th March -5th April so you can view the exhibition.

Off The Fence / Launch Party / Friday 8th March / 7pm-11pm / FREE
2022NQ / 20-22 Dale Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1EZ