Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, Soup & Shakes

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Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

Fancy the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich? Not the normal Breville effort you make at home, where the cheese always seems to leak out the back simultaneously making a mess and leaving you with a half empty toasted bread shell (just me?)! I mean thick bread, toasted perfectly and filled with a mix of delicious oozy cheese and a choice of other fillings. You need Northern Soul Grilled Cheese.

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese 1

Taking up residence in the Church Street Market these guys are serving up a simple comfort food with a side of Northern Soul. Their small (but soon to be twice the size) shop offers a choice of grilled cheese sandwiches, all of which are based around their signature three cheese blend on sourdough bread, known as The Soul.

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese 2

To this they add various ingredients like homemade mac ‘n’ cheese to create the Mac Attack and in turn they add 9h BBQ pulled pork to this for the ultimate treat, the Pig On The Lead. They also change up their selection of specials every two weeks so you’ll always have something new to try and all of them grilled to perfection. Give them a follow on Twitter (@NorthernSoulmcr) to see what they are serving up each week.

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese 3

It’s not just about the grilled cheese at Northern Soul though, they also fresh soups daily, some banging milkshakes (Northern Soul’s founder Dan has the shake shack in the Arndale Market too), a range of desserts, fresh baked treats and hot/cold drinks.

Did I mention it’s all served up to a soundtrack of rare Northern Soul beats?

I’m not going to lie, I love this place and I can’t wait to see what they do with the additional space they get when they expand into the florist’s next door. For now I’m going to be filling up my loyalty card!


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Monday – Wednesday 11am – 6pm / Thursday – Saturday 11am – 8pm / Sunday 11am – 4pm
Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, Soups and Shakes / 10 Church Street Market / Northern Quarter Manchester / M4 1PN