Northern Quarter Street Party 2014 – NOT HAPPENING…yet

Written by on April 30, 2014 in News - 3 Comments

It would seem from the number of people asking me over on Twitter when the Northern Quarter Street Party is that there is something of a demand for another day out on the streets of the NQ!

If you remember, this time last year we were gearing up to take to the streets on the first Bank Holiday of May.

Sadly this is not going to be repeated this May.

While many of us had a fantastic day, some people thought that the street party was no longer reflective of the NQ and that essentially it turned into an almighty booze up that was massively over-subscribed. One of those groups of people who certainly felt that things had gotten a little out of hand were the GMP and as a consequence in order for there to be another street party of the scale of 2013 things have to change to ensure the safety of everyone there. You can’t really argue with that now can you?

Street Party scene

Will we see scenes like this on the streets of the Northern Quarter again?

Various parties, including GMP, are working together towards a solution that may or may not mean that another street party happens later this year (or perhaps next year). The solution will also mean that other, more frequent but smaller events, can happen throughout the Northern Quarter which would be a good thing in the long run.

Would you like to see the Northern Quarter Street Party return?

We will update you with progress but for the time being I am sorry to confirm:


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