Northern Quarter ‘Endorsed by Stan Smith’?

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Northern Quarter 'Endorsed by Stan Smith'?

If you’ve been walking around the Northern Quarter lately you may have seen some new murals cropping up. Generally green and white (although a couple of other colours have been spotted) people have been wondering where they have come from and who they are of, with guesses ranging from Alan Partridge to Jimmy Saville (I think the latter would be a step too far even for the Northern Quarter!).

It turns out to be a guerrilla marketing campaign by Adidas (or at least it seems so) and in particular for the relaunch of their iconic Stan Smith shoe. Yep, the mural is Stan Smith!

UPDATE: This is indeed a marketing campaign by Adidas in collaboration with Oi Polloi, who have used Mark Kennedy to produce all the murals. There are a few other ‘Stans’ around and this cool shoe mosaic in Oi Polloi too.

Stan Smith show mosaic, Oi Polloi

If you fancy winning one of five shoe mosaics and a pair of Stan Smith trainers then you need to take part in Oi Polloi’s simple competition. All you have to do is find and photograph one of the Stan head mosaics and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #Stanchester. Winners will be selected at random at the end of this month (January). Check it out here.

Oh yeah, and I’ve found out there were 15 murals to find (but one has been ripped off the wall already, so it’s actually 14 now)!

If you want a pair of shoes you can get them at Oi Polloi now or from them online here and here.

Stan Smith poster, H.Blyth, Spear Street

The clue! H.Blyth, Spear Street

I’ve found 12 places now with the murals, those pictured plus Koffee Pot, Castle Hotel and SuperStoreNQ and a few more I’ll keep to myself so you can have fun finding them! Have you seen any others? How many are there out there?

Stan Smith, Back Turner Street, Northern Quarter

Back Turner Street, Northern Quarter

Stan Smith, Back of Oi Polloi, Carpenter's Lane

Back of Oi Polloi, Carpenter’s Lane

Stan Smith, Northern Flower, Tib Street

Northern Flower, Tib Street

Stan Smith, Mangle Street, Northern Quarter

Mangle Street

Stan Smith, Stevenson Square

Stevenson Square

Stan Smith, Afflecks, Church Street side

Afflecks, Church Street side

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    There is one by Louse Vegas.