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Northern Letters

You know when you see something that’s a great idea done really well and think “I wish I’d done that” (and I don’t just mean fruity electronics from Palo Alto!), well Northern Letters is just one such idea I wish was mine. Combining a love for the Northern Quarter, creativity and design, Northern Letters lets us bring a little bit of the NQ into our home whilst paying homage to some of the great venues we all know and love, both past and present.

Northern Letters Molly

With each letter in the Northern Letters‘ range inspired by the typography of a sign found somewhere in the Northern Quarter just browsing the collection and trying to figure out where you’ve seen the letter before is a challenge worth taking. I couldn’t get them all! As well as being constantly updated, the very fact that the Northern Quarter itself is in a constant state of change means that the possibilities are endless.

Northern Letters Thomas St

The individual letters come on high grade canvas, framed of course and ready to hang on the wall, and are also strictly limited in number. Only 25 of each letter will be sold before it is retired, but there will be plenty of alternatives to take it’s place. If you have a particular favourite place in the Northern Quarter and would like a letter inspired by their logo then ask nicely and I’m sure they can sort that out for you. But with a great range of styles, typefaces and colours, there’s bound to be at least one that’ll sit perfectly on the wall in your home or workspace.

Northern Letters Alphabet

As well as selling the individual letters on canvas (which make for excellent presents, I know from experience!) you can also combine the letters to make your very own print. What’s the point of having an alphabet of letters if you don’t make a few words out of it after all! Or maybe you’d just prefer your very own A-Z of the Northern Quarter hanging on your wall? Whatever you want, just get in touch and they will sort it out for you (just don’t ask for a complete logo!).

Northern Letters Manchester

There are plans in place for even more places to put your favourite letter with mugs the next item on the agenda.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the website, pick your favourite letter or arrange your print, place your order and you’ll get a ‘letter in the post’ in just a few working days! Go on, before your favourite is retired…  Northern Letters

Keep an eye out on their Twitter feed too so you’ll be the first to know when new letters are added to the range.  Northern Letters Twitter

Northern Letters Logo

Northern Letters ~  Unique Original Art inspired by the typography of Manchester’s Northern Quarter