L A N T E R N ~ A group show curated by himHallows & Wotgodforgot

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LANTERN at Soup Kitchen

L A N T E R N opens this Thursday, 21st February, at Soup Kitchen, bringing together a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the Manchester creative scene. Curated by himHallows and Watgodforgot the artists are all brought together from their usual work as graphic designers, jewellery makers, 3D builders, illustrators and more with one simple task; create a paper lantern.

Bound by only using paper (or card), each artist is given free reign to design and build their display piece. Any shape and style is acceptable, from intricate decoration to minimalist purity, complex grandeur to geometric simplicity.

The launch is on the 21st February and will run indefinitely so you should have ample opportunity to see the works of Tasha WhittleDr MeStan ChowNick RhodesSavwoMark O’BrienAliyah HussainOwt CreativeWonderhausBarney IbbotsonBaptists and BootleggersMelanie KnottHelen and LoisSarah UnwinSophie TitheringtonNicholas James SaundersJermyn MTKNot NowMarielle HehirAlan DalbyTextbook StudioEmily Grace TilzeyJoe WhitmoreCreate + Equate, plus some others who are still to be named and of course the man himself, himHallows.

Kraut und Owt Feb

The opening party will be held up in the Kitchen itself and alongside the visual talent on display will be the aural talents of Kraut Und Owt DJs from kickoff at 6pm right through until 1am.

Lantern at Soup Kitchen

L A N T E R N / From Thursday 21 February / 6pm / FREE
Soup Kitchen / 31-33 Spear Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1DF