Introducing The Penthouse to the Northern Quarter

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The Penthouse, Northern Quarter

The Penthouse is a new artist’s work space aiming to maintain a rough ‘hands on’ approach seeing artists getting their hands dirty with materials and heads dirty with ideas. They encourage experimentation, risk and honesty and will be shaped by the values of artists.

The Penthouse will open its doors to the public for the first time with an event that will introduce you to The Penthouse space, its artists and its working manifesto. As well as that you will be introduced to some early plans, projects and ways to get involved:

  • The free art library. A free contemporary art related library with sound art archive featuring a new piece of sound art fortnightly. More details available on their website.
  • Call for interest in project space/residency opportunities.
  • Details of The Penthouse’s current resident artist Jennifer McDonald and their next residency artist Olivia Glasser who will be residing from Jan-Mar 2013.
  • Details on how to sign up to the affordable patron scheme.

Sound Library Penthouse

The timetable for the day includes an open day at The Penthouse itself, followed by a reception and introduction to what they are doing and then more drinks over at Port Street Beer House.

11am- 6pm – Open day
6pm-8pm – Drinks reception and introduction
8pm – From Penthouse to The Port Street Beer House for drinks

Introducing the Penthouse / Thursday 13th December / 11am – late
The Penthouse / 5th Floor / Hilton House / 26-28 Hilton Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1EH  The Penthouse

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Please note their lift is currently out of order. They aim to have it fixed for this event but if this is not possible they are at the top of 5 flights of spiral staircase which may make it inaccessible to some. They apologise in advance if this is the case please contact us for an update before the event or check the blog site.

  • Hi,
    Would it be possible for me to come down and see you sometime? As an artist I would love to see the space you have. I come to m/c a lot and attend life drawing classes on Tuesdays. I could be in at about
    4-30 pm – just let me know if we can meet up sometime.
    Stan Harland.