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Home Sweet Home, located on the Northern Quarter’s Edge Street, really is a home away from home – the powder blue of the walls, the mismatched furniture, the pile of homemade cakes on the counter – if you need some comfort this is the perfect place for you.

The menu’s a mix of home favourites, American classics and sweet treats mixed in with the usual sandwiches, coffees and milkshakes to round of your breakfast/lunch/dinner. Whatever it is you pick you’ll be transported back to your Mum’s kitchen on a sunny afternoon – especially if you pick the cheese toasties or the cooked to order choc chip cookies (with a glass of milk for dipping too, just like Mummy used to give you…). The menu lingers on and reminisces over childhood foods – it’s all soft, sugary, easy and warm food for the soul.

Chilli dog is a massive mouthful of beef frankfurter with a super soft bun and warming, spicy chili on top (not too hot to blow your little mouth off though). Cheese toasties are rammed full of cheese – many places scrimp on this – yes they are lava hot, but do you want it to be any other way than it was when your feet couldn’t touch the floor and you were so excited to go back outside that you tried to wolf your toastie AS SOON as it came out of the toastie maker (all this talk of toasties is making me wonder if I can still get one).

Sandwiches are chock full of fillings – no matter how many I eat and like (BLT and New Yorker are defo faves) I always return to the chicken and chorizo. For one thing it’s massive, for another it’s so tender and to top it off it’s also so well thought out – super smoky from the chorizo and the cajun seasoning, sweetness from the paprika, little bit of a jalapeno kick and all soothed down by some mayo. Served with red cabbage coleslaw and salad it’ll keep you filled up all day.

If there’s one thing that Home Sweet Home excels at though, it’s those cooked to order cookies. Soft, chocolaty and warm it’s these I turn to when my heart’s broken/job sucks/people are mean – it may be childish, but sometimes my inner child needs feeding and that’s just what Home Sweet Home provides.

Home Sweet Home, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HE – 0162 833 1248

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  • nuub

    Just the THE best staff in here – a lovely, lovely, lovely place x

  • Ben

    Like it a lot there and recommended to a few people. Not sure the chef has ever had falafel though – seems to just be a ball of their hummus deep fried…

  • I love Home Sweet Home. The bingo is fun too!