Happy Birthday Port Street Beer House

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PSBH 2nd Birthday

Port Street Beer House is growing up fast and today are celebrating the ripe old age of 2 years old! As with any 2 year old there has to be a party, but unlike most 2 year olds their parties involve much less jelly and much more beer!

Too early to be a tradition, but nonetheless, for the second year in a row (or EVERY year they’ve been around) they have brewed a very special birthday beer. This year though the beer has been selected, designed and brewed by the very knowledgeable staff down at PSBH. They have sought to answer the question “What kind of beer would people that are constantly surrounded by a massive variety of some of the best beers in the world want to make?” and alongside their pals from the Outstanding Brewing Company they have created the Port Street Sour Cherry Peppercorn Porter. 

The Port Street Sour Cherry Peppercorn Porter takes elements that we’ve all enjoyed in a beverage and puts it together in what we hope will be the ultimate combo – I think anyone who’s ever chatted beer with any of us would agree it was always going to be quirky and a tad ambitious – we just like interesting beer!

This is promised to be the first of many ‘homebrews’ from the team, so keep your eyes peeled for fresh new brews in the future. They seem to have got a taste for the experimental!

For the party tonight they will be serving pies from The Great North Pie Company and hopefully some limited edition bottles of their first birthday beer, Anniversary: Saison DuPort will also be available. The fun starts from 6pm.

PSBH Anniversary 2

Thursday 24th January / 6pm
Port Street Beer House / 39-41 Port Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2EQ