Get yourself a Sugar Daddy (cupcake) in your life!

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Sugar Daddy Cupcakes

There is a new little pop-up in the Northern Quarter with just a hint of the risque marketing which was part of the success of a certain other pop-up that became quite Famous. With names like ‘Miss Scarlet‘, ‘The Daddy‘, ‘The Pearl Necklace‘, ‘The Oreo-gasm‘, ‘The Bang Tidy‘ (in honour of Keith Lemon), ‘The Virgin‘, ‘P-BJ‘, and the ‘Up All Night‘ you could be forgiven for thinking this is another bar in the Northern Quarter serving up cocktails. You’d be wrong for these are in fact the names of the cupcakes on offer at Sugar Daddy Cupcakes which arrived on the NQ scene last week and will be here until Easter at least (if we like what they do they may very well reappear somewhere else).

Sugar Daddy Cupcakes Box of 6

Housed in between Simple and North Tea Power the premise is pretty cosy, but the staff are lovely and the cupcakes even more so. Personally I’m a massive fan of the ‘P-BJ’, which of course is a delicious peanut butter cupcake with a doughnut style jam filling. The cupcakes are priced individually from £2.25 and boxes of 6 were going out of the door for £10. (They can cater for larger party orders too, you just need to give them a little bit of notice.) Champagne, hot drinks and gifts are all also available should you wish to complement your sweet treat with something else. Are you decadent enough for champagne and cupcakes?!

“The provocative cupcakes will seduce you with their looks and tantalise your tastebuds into submission. What would you do for a Sugar Daddy?”

Sugar Daddy Cupcakes She

Sugar Daddy Cupcakes / Wednesday – Sunday / 12pm – 6pm
G20 Smithfield Buildings (In between North Tea Power and Simple) / Tib Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M4 1LA  Sugar Daddy Cupcakes