FST Fitness ~ A Northern Quarter gym

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FST Fitness ~ A Northern Quarter Gym

FST Fitness isn’t your average gym, which is why you won’t get average results from your membership. FST Fitness stands for Functional Strength Training & Fitness and those are the guiding principles at the heart of this new gym space here in the Northern Quarter. Put aside your preconceptions of a ‘gym’. There aren’t banks and banks of cardio machines in rows, no tvs, not even a floor to ceiling mirror. This is about serious fitness with experts working you to achieve your goals, not a place for preening primadonna’s, which is a refreshing change.

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Danny Holland, owner and founder of FST Fitness and FST Academy has been involved in the sports and fitness industry for pretty much his entire life, starting with track and field then progressing to training with the British bobsleigh team. The latter involved traveling down to Bath University every Saturday morning leaving at 5am to be there for 10am, warm up, ready to train for 11am and getting back home around 7pm. In order to be selected to compete for the season however there was a lot of training away from Bath required which included track sessions and weight sessions. This is where Danny discovered a problem;  finding a suitable gym where he could train the way he needed to, including squats, deadlifts, Olympic weightlifting and other movements that required space was an impossibility. This is where the seed of FST Fitness was sown. FST Fitness 4 Now armed with a degree in Applied Sports Science and  with years of experience, both personally from expert and National team coaches and from within the fitness industry itself, it’s time for Danny to apply all he knows at FST Fitness where you will be trained by experts in functional strength and high intensity fitness training which is the recipe for an increased metabolism, a toned body and a one that burns fat like furnace. Sounds pretty good to me!

FST Fitness 3 Classes take place every day, check out the timetable here. FST Fitness is here to help you get what you deserve from the gym and in doing so responds to it’s members needs, doing more of what they like and what works for them and less of what doesn’t. Makes perfect sense. The current classes include a metabolic conditioning class (Met-con), mobility, circuits and Tabata where you can expect to do anything from tyre flipping, sled dragging and kettlebell swings in a variety of time scales and rep ranges; in short be ready for anything.  It’s a really fun way to build lean muscle, burn fat and increase your aerobic capacity all in one go. FST Fitness 2 This is a gym that is set to evolve as the membership, and the members’ physique, evolves. NQ_Card_Square

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7.30am – 8.30pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday /10.30am – 8.30pm Tuesday & Thursday / Saturday 10am- 3pm
FST Fitness / 65-67 Lever Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1FL / 0161 228 1131 / FST FITNESS WEBSITE