Fat Tony’s at Kosmonaut

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Kosmonaut has officially launched its original food concept, Fat Tony’s, including simple, high quality dishes that are packed with flavour, and a brand new drinks menu full of inventive, well balanced cocktails.

First up on Tony’s menu are the Burgers, a staple selection of classics including the Beef Burger (£10) with smoked cheddar, chilli jam and a house pickle on the side, the Chicken Burger (£9) made up buttermilk fried thigh, chicken gravy with a winter slaw and completing the burger section is the Veggie Burger (£7), a panko potato patty and wasabi mayo with Asian slaw and sweet potato wedges.

Fat Tony's Kosmonaut 5

Fat Tony will also be knocking out the Plates section, a list of stone cold classics with an occasional twist; the Steak Poutine (£10) served with handmade chips, beef gravy and cheese curds, the Mushroom Poutine (£8), also served with handmade chips and cheese curds but this time with onion gravy.

Fat Tony's Kosmonaut 2

Next up on the Plates list is the Lentil and Spiced Tofu Stew (£9), full of Pan-Asian flavors and joined on the plate by lemongrass, chilli and garlic, the Grilled Cheese (£6) on sourdough with caramelised onions and you can even add steak (£2). Boxing off the Plates is the Sandwich of the Week (£8/9/10) but you’ll have to rock up to the bar or creep on social media to find out what’s on that.

Fat Tony's Kosmonaut 1

Perhaps the best news in amongst all this is the Kosmonaut Sunday Roast is well and truly back! There are three different options in-keeping with the simple theme of this concept and customers can choose from veg (£10), chicken (£11) or beef (£12) all served up with roasted potatoes, honey roast carrots, savoy cabbage, a Yorkshire pudding, stuffing and topped off with a lovely helping of proper gravy. For those with big appetites there is an option to add sweet potato croquettes or cauliflower cheese (£2.5).

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What’s a neighbourhood bar without Bar Snacks, eh? Definitely not a bar with Fat Tony in the kitchen, that’s for sure; if you fancy a nibble with your drink you can choose from Roasted Bone Marrow (£5) with sourdough and pickles, a Manchester Egg (£6), Sweet Potato Croquettes (£5) or a helping of Cauliflower Cheese (£4).

Fat Tony's Kosmonaut 3Finishing off Fat Tony’s menu is the Sides section including Handcut Chips (£3), Sweet Potato Wedges (£3) and Asian/Winter Slaw (£2). There will be seasonal specials on offer to complement the wine list and the occasional cocktail pairing for those that enjoy a combo.

Kosmonaut has also completely refurbished its drinks menu with some original cocktail blends that are guaranteed to awaken that thirst gland. Party Juice (£7.5) is a mix of gin, peach, passion fruit and prosecco and the, fully welcome, Along for the Ride (£7.5) is made up of gin, rhubarb, raspberry and prosecco or the cocktail pacifists out there might want have a pop at the Make Love Not War (£7.5) gin, elderflower, strawberry and lychee.

The Rumbongo (£7.5) is a rum, apple, pineapple and passion fruit based nostalgia nod and the Banana Colada (£7.5) is a twisted classic, full of flavour and made up of rum, banana, pineapple and coconut. Doing things right is the Late Night Date Night (£8) blending date-infused rum, vermouth, falernum and orange.

Providing the sweet, sweet cocktail funk is the Superfly Sling (£7.5) coconut rum, watermelon, strawberry and bubblegum, riding stag is the Gooseberry, Fool (£7.5) vodka, elderflower, vanilla and gooseberry, dueling ‘til the early morn is the Banjos at Dawn (£8) mixing bourbon, apricot, pecan and butterscotch.

Bringing home the list of brand new cocktails is the kill or cure Mexican Medicine (£9) made up of mezcal, ginger, yuzu and lemon and the Verdita Margarita (£8) a proper mix-up of tequila, mezcal, orange and verdita.

The new drinks menu also includes some really high quality organic and natural wine choices, an extended fizz offering and a lovely Refreshers section that provides a fun and tasty alternative to some classic shorts.

Kosmonaut’s new General Manager Danny Smith and I are old friends and long-time professional collaborators at venues throughout the Northern Quarter. We had the idea of bringing back a simple style of cooking using fresh ingredients, making the best use of local produce and using techniques that generate the best flavours in classic dishes. We teamed up at Kosmonaut and Fat Tony’s was born…we can’t wait to see what people think.” ~Anthony Ector, Kosmonaut Head Chef and co-brains behind Fat Tony’s

The food menu itself was designed as a response to a general trend that we perceived as an over-complication of food at the expense of flavour. We want Fat Tony’s to to deliver tasty, well presented and simple food with top quality ingredients. Kosmonaut is known for its high level drinks and we want this new cocktail menu to be no different; we have worked hard to put together a tailored, classy menu with interesting ingredients and an element of fun. We are so excited for people to try them.~ Danny Smith, Kosmonaut’s General Manager 

Kosmonaut / 10 Tariff Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2FF