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UPDATED: 5/6/16 – A lot has happened in the Northern Quarter in the past two years, one main thing being that doggies have gone boom! With there being so many more dogs now in the area a record number of bars, cafes and shops have opened their doors to our beloved pooches. With all these #trendy dogs ruling the roost there’s absolutely nowhere you have to go without your furry companion, and I’m here to tell you the best places to go!

Since our first dog friendly piece was written back in 2013 there’s been a surge in popularity of dogs, and it’s now a common thing to see a dog out drinking a doggiechino with their owners. I am a proud dog owner myself, Lolli (my 7 month old miniature schnauzer) and I are often seen hitting up some of the best dog friendly places. I’ve gone to the liberty of photographing Lolli enjoying her favourite haunts around the NQ, I hope you enjoy the visuals to accompany this piece as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

Lolli - Common

Common has always been one of the most dog friendly places in town. With their warm attitude and outstretched arms to our canine pals it was a relief to discover they were still dog friendly after their recent refurb! With a hearty menu of quirky food (including breakfast!) and bakery options, which are updated weekly, this is one of Lolli and my first choices.

Lolli - Butchers Quarter

A new contender for dog friendly shenanigans is the Butcher’s Quarter on Tib Street. With their premium cuts of locally sourced meats it is the place to go for all you meat lovers out there! Pop in for a chicken for your Sunday roast with your dog and receive a meaty bone for your pooch to chow-down on!

Lolli - Ziferblat

Another fresh-faced newcomer is pay as you go coffee house Ziferblat. The Northern Quarter has never been shy to open it’s hearts to a new kind of concept, and Ziferblat certainly has it’s own unique style! The idea is ‘everything is free inside, except for the time you spend’, so it’s 5p a minute to be there (£3 per hour) and you can help yourself to as much tea, coffee, cake and toast as you like, within reason! It’s great to go down, hook up to the wifi, reply to some emails and top up my caffeine levels, but the thing that really swings it for me is that I can take Lolli with me. The staff are so welcoming and always give a lovely dog a good fuss, as long as they’re well behaved.

Lolli - Northern Flower

Last but not least another one of Lolli’s favourites which you might not expect is Northern Flower. The lovely ladies in there always welcome her with a smile and a belly rub, as I usually run around after her trying to rip the gladioli from her mush! Now in their 10th year, Northern Flower is an intimate boutique flower shop, filled with unusual plants in unconventional containers, the best quality cut flowers and selection of gifts.

Now you know our favourite places it’s time to explore your own! Below is a list of a whopping 63 places that are dog friendly in the Northern Quarter. Explore with your dogs and please feel free to tweet me @georgie_glass with your comments and pictures of your own pooches.

My book, Pub Dogs of Manchester is now out with all the top pubs and bars to take your dogs all over the city centre and beyond!

Bars + Restaurants
Castle Hotel
Night & Day Café
Black Dog Ballroom (when Bruce isn’t around!)
Port Street Beer House
Soup Kitchen
The Bay Horse
Tib Street Tavern
Dusk Till Pawn
Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn
Cain & Grain
The Millstone (Only at quiet times!)
Marble Beers
Montpelliers (Bar Area)
El Capo
The Whisky Jar
Crown & Kettle
Abel Heywood (Downstairs)
Hold Fast Bar
Northern Soul
Sugar Junction
The Wheatsheaf
Smithfield Tavern
The Angel

Home Sweet Home
Chai Latte
Pie & Ale
Rosylee Tearooms
The Blue Pig
Eastern Block
Bluu Bar

Coffee Shops
North Tea Power
The Koffee Pot
Ezra & Gil
Federal Cafe
Fig + Sparrow
Eastern Bloc
Bonbon Chocolate Boutique
V Revolution

Shops + Other
Piccadilly Records
Butcher’s Quarter
Pop Boutique
Retro Rehab
Afflecks Palace (Betty & Butch dog shop opening in July)
Fred Aldous
Northern Flower

Kettlebell Kitchen

  • RK

    The Black Dog Ballroom is NOT dog friendly. I enquired last year as I wanted to double check after seeing it advertised in lots of different places as dog friendly just in case it had changed ownership, but after the manager checked with the owner, I was told I could not bring my dog, even though I am reliant on him as he warns me if I’m going to have an epileptic seizure. Apparently the owner likes to bring his dog and his dog is not very good with other animals.