Deliveroo in the NQ

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Deliveroo Logo

If you’ve been in the Northern Quarter lately, or Manchester and it’s surrounding suburbs for that matter, you can’t have failed to notice the arrival of Deliveroo. Their bikes, both pedal & petrol powered, are legion. You’ll see them parked outside many a restaurant or flying past you on their way to deliver yet another takeaway piping hot to somebody’s home.

Almost Famous NQ - Burger Trio

Deliveroo are, if you aren’t already aware, bringing the finest fare from your favourite restaurants to your door. And not just the usual take out joints. Proper restaurants. Just take a look at the list here of restaurants in the Northern Quarter where you can already get Deliveroo’d…

Northern Soul • SolitaFederal Café Bar • Luck Lust Liquor & Burn • Home Sweet HomePieministerCane & Grain • Almost Famous Burgers • Yard & Coop • Common Bakery • Bakerie • Soup Kitchen • Pie & Ale • Allotment • The Blue Pig • Ning • El Capo • PLY • DoughNorthern Soul Grilled Cheese 3

This list is constantly being added to and I’ll try to keep up, but you’ll get the full list if you nip across to their site and pop in your postcode. Give this link a click and the toughest thing you have to do is decide what to have. Oh and open the door when your dinner arrives!