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Cities Of Hope, Manchester

Cities Of Hope have invited 9 of the leading street artists in the world to come to Manchester and asked each of them to create a mural inspired by a social justice issue that resonates with their values. They’ve then linked each of these artists to local organisations that fight to make a real difference to those people affected by the issues. This work is backed up by a range of events designed to draw attention to the issues and project and provide fundraising opportunities for the charities. Sounds interesting right?

Cities Of Hope Manchester

The Convention

Cities of Hope is launched with a Street Art Convention that uses the Arts to raise awareness of the social issues that define our time and the actions of social justice agencies that are making a difference at a local level on these issues. During the 9 day convention there is a programme of events that showcase hope – demonstrating how ordinary people are making a difference and that change is possible. These expositions are delivered in partnership with the social justice partners alongside internationally recognised experts. There’s a range of events, some of which are in NQ venues like Yard & Coop, Ezra & Gil and Brownsfield Mill, including street art tours, artist talks, exhibitions and more and all of the current events can be found here. There will be more added as time goes by so it’s worth checking back.

Faith47, Cities of Hope

The Artists

The 9 lead Cities of Hope artists are among the most important street artists working today. Despite the wide array of styles and techniques on display, they all have one common factor; An innate need to respond to the world around them and take their artwork direct to the people. All 9 artists have chosen their own topics to address with their work; global issues that resonate with them on a personal level that have then been matched to the work of a local social justice organisation. The 9 key artists are Hyuro, Pichiavo, Phlegm, Martin Whatson, C215, Faith47, Nevercrew, Axel Void and Case.

Cities of Hope, Phlegm

Joining them are artists with a strong connection to Manchester also join the Cities of Hope Convention. With a brief of ‘iconic Manchester‘ the work of these artists will provide local context to their street gallery. The names of those joining them will be familiar to those who like the street art in and around the Northern Quarter; Mateus Bailon, Jay Sharples, Nomad Clan, Akse and Tankpetrol.

Bailon, Cities Of Hope

Find out more about each of the artists and check out some of their work here.

Whatson, Cities of Hope

Social justice Organisations

Cities of Hope are supporting a range of social justice organisations that are tirelessly working under extreme pressure and adversity. All of their social justice partners incorporate the Arts to deliver vital services. Some have been delivering their services for generations whilst others are very new. Every penny they raise through our activities (their goal is a minimum of £100,000) will go directly to supporting the work of these organisations; Back On Track, Lifeshare, Guns to Goods, Partisan Collective, Young Identity, Ancoats Dispensary Trust, Hulme Community Garden Centre, WAST, 42nd Street and Venture Arts. You can get more info on each of these organisations here.

Case-Berlin, Cities of Hope

I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of photos taken so make sure you use the hashtag #citiesofhope anywhere you’re posting your images.

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