Call and Response: Chinese Whispers at CFCCA

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) are pleased to present Call and Response: Chinese Whispers, a performance by current exhibition artist Chris Paul Daniels and sound artists Naomi Kashiwagi, Rosanne Robertson and Kelly Jayne Jones.

The performance marks the closing weeks of Chris Paul Daniel’s exhibition ‘A Tiger’s Skin‘ which presents Chris’s direct contemporary response to the Antonioni documentary ‘Chung Kuo, Cina‘ and questions the authenticity of the documentary format. By reframing the ideas contained in Antonioni’s film with contemporary images, Daniels has created a work that examines the rapidly changing way China is viewed through western eyes.

Chinese Whispers, CFCCA

Over the course of one month, each artist has been invited to respond to the exhibition’s themes of translation, re-enactment and interpretation, to create a ‘live score‘ that will be performed at CFCCA. As part of the evening performance Daniels will also be remixing the film as a live visual performance to coordinate with the sound works.

“I’ve worked on several international collaborations with classically trained musicians in Iceland, Sweden and the Netherlands but only rarely within the north west of England.  So I’m really looking forward to this rich collaboration with the other three critically engaged and exciting artists, Kelly Jayne Jones, Naomi Kashiwagi and Rosanne Robertson.” ~ Chris Paul Daniels

Gramophonica Toronto

Naomi Kashiwagi, an award-winning artist based in Manchester whose work draws upon her dual cultural heritage of British and Japanese, will respond to ‘A Tiger’s Skin’ with a performance that incorporates live gramophonics and new composed soundscapes using some of Chris Paul Daniels’ field recordings.

kelly j j imageAnother Manchester based artist, Kelly Jayne Jones works with the texture and physical presence of sound. For Chinese Whispers Kelly will invite audiences to reflect on the authenticity of capturing a sound experience within documentary, and the use of Foley sounds to replicate experiences, using sounds recorded by Daniels across China in a multi-channel improvisation.

rosanne rooftop

Rosanne Robertson is an artist working with noise, the body and sculpture. Robertson will respond to Daniels’ film with a performative sculpture prompted by visual and sonic cues within the film. Selected noises from the film will be mimicked by seemingly visually unrelated objects whilst other objects may appear related to the sites of the film but sound out of place, thus creating a skewed reality.

Call and Response: Chinese Whispers / Wednesday 11 February 2015 / 6.45pm – 8pm
Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art / Market Buildings / Thomas St / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M4 1EU