Battle Of The Clans at Whiskey Jar

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Battle of the Clans, Whiskey Jar 300

Whiskey or whisky? That’s the question The Whiskey Jar put to you at their Battle Of The Clans as they put two mighty clans, Scotch Whisky & Irish Whiskey, up against each other.

You’re invited to join them for this battle where experts from both sides take you through a blind taste test to see where your allegiance lies. Do you know your whisky from your whiskey? Can you tell the difference between triple distillation and double distillation? Well heres your chance to test your palate!

Battle Of The Clans, Whiskey Jar

Sessions are a fun and informal few hours, which will give you more confidence in the world of whisky and whiskey no matter what level of a whisky or whiskey drinker you are.

There are two upcoming battles on Monday 22nd August and Monday 19th September and you can get your tickets from the links on the dates.

Battle Of The Clans / Monday 22nd August & Monday 19th September / 6.30pm – 9pm / £25
Whiskey Jar / 14 Tariff Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 2FF