Bakerie Long Table Dining

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Bakerie Long Table Dining (BLTD) is a great opportunity to get together with old friends and make some new ones. Set along their 40-foot communal dining table its like turning up for a great dinner party without having to get involved with the washing up!

If you know Bakerie you will know they specialise in dishes of hearty stews with hunks of freshly baked bread and seasonal dishes too and each BLTD event will serve a fixed main course with a paired drink, ranging from wines direct from their suppliers to craft beers and the occasional spirit pairing.

Bakerie Long Table Dining

So how does it work? Our 40 foot table is for everyone (up to 36 people) so sit wherever there is room on a first come first served basis. Feel free to ask diners to move around to accommodate your group.You may not know the people beside you, but you will quickly become acquainted.

Your table will be seated and served at 7pm sharp so please arrive in plenty of time. You will be waited on by our floor staff and chef of the night. A fully stocked bar is also available and drinks menus will be provided for your perusal. Don’t fancy the meat or need gluten free bread or other dietary requests? Bakerie are happy to accommodate your needs and restrictions, they just ask that you inform them 24 hours in advance.

Bakerie long table

To book, simply log on to or email for more information. Want them all to yourself? They can offer BLTD for celebrations or team building events, just ask.

From Thursday 16th February / Then first & last Thursday of each month / 7pm – 11pm / £14.50 p.p. / BOOK NOW
Bakerie / 45 Lever Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1FN / 0161 2369014