Almost Famous ~ Burgers and Booze Manchester Style


So Almost Famous is back? The big, brash, boozy burger bar that originally traded as a pop up; now has a full licence and is open Thursday through Sunday serving up their own brand of trashy burgers and cheeky cocktails to the hip kids of the Northern Quarter, fantastical food fans and those who just wander in off the street.

So what’s new? The burgers have changed – there’s a DD, a Smokey and the Bandit and others too; new names, but still the same formula of juicy, just pink patties slathered in ironically named sauces with plenty of cheese, bacon and attitude thrown in for good measure. The opening times have changed too – Thursday opens at 5pm till late; but Fri, Sat and Sun you can get your burger fix from 1pm onwards.

Juicy and pink (don’t be rude…)

For those who are a bit burgered out (yes that’s burger-ed, you filthy people) there’s Chilli Dogs and Rib Rolls. The Crack Wings are still there, so fans of Almost Famous’ utterly addictive hot sauces – pho-king, red neck and suicide – can rest easy. They’ve changed the cooking of the wings, they’re more succulent and crispy; they’re still as addictive as hell though. And now there’s bar snacks – cheap eats for you to scoff drunkenly at the bar full of cheese, chilli, jalepenos and Frazzles (yup, those 80’s bacon crisps that are just on the right side of bad).

Chicken wings – addictive as crack. Destroyed.

If you’ve burned your mouth or it’s been a thirsty day, check out the well stocked bar and the cocktail menu; the Bitch Juice is the best – fruity and full of gin, it slips down sweet and softly (beware, totally lethal – we’re not responsible for what you get up to after a couple of these). If you’re lucky and there’s space at the bar get the barman to mix something special for you – double great, double lethal. Almost Famous have now installed an ice cream machine – but they’re not making ice creams out of it, just milkshakes with a good heap of booze thrown in – obviously.

The aforementioned ‘lethal’ bitch juice

Some may say it’s a one trick pony; there certainly is a lot of hype round Almost Famous, but it delivers; the food’s a consistent high quality (with a secret menu too!) and the stream of customers seems steady at the very least – there’s nothing else like it in the Northern Quarter and I don’t think there ever could be.

Wed-Thur Noon-Midnight / Friday Noon-2am / Saturday 1pm-2am / Sunday 1pm-11pm
Almost Famous Burger / (Upstairs) 100 High Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M4 1HP / ALMOST FAMOUS WEBSITE