Akse. – A film by Charlie Watts

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Akse & Charlie Watts

Last year we shared Charlie Watts‘ film ‘The Quarter‘ which as the name might suggest was about our favourite part of Manchester, the Northern Quarter.

Well now Charlie is back with another beautifully crafted film, still with an NQ slant, which focusses on the uber-talented artist Akse. You may well have seen Akse’s work around the NQ (Heisenberg on the Tib Street sub-station, Mandela on the Stevenson Square block & more), it certainly draws attention and rightly so.

Akse, Charlie Watts

I’ve been a huge admire of Akse’s work for a few years now. I approached him with the idea of making the film and he was really enthusiastic about it! I was quite surprised as this piece is quite personal and he didn’t know me.

His work pretty much speaks for itself so I didn’t want to focus on that, instead get to know more about the ‘man behind the mask’.

I was really pleased he agreed to work with me, not only is he super talented but he is a genuinely nice guy. We are both really happy with the finished film.” – Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts, Preston Hartley

This is Charlie, taken by Preston Hartley

You’d probably best just watch the film. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Akse. from charlie watts on Vimeo.