63 Degrees – New home on High Street

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63 Degrees

Since it opened in 2012 on Church Street, 63 Degrees has been quietly serving up exceptional food with a distinctive taste of Paris, quite different to anything else in the Northern Quarter. Now 63 Degrees has moved from its old home into bigger and much brighter premises on the High Street.

63 Degrees, Exterior

The move has come after The Market Restaurant surrendered to its death-throes (reinvention as pop ups for Kahlua and even Dr Oetker pizzas) and closed for good. It was never going to be long before somebody snapped up this prime real estate in the ever-expanding food & drink scene of the NQ and indeed it wasn’t as the Moreau family announced it was time to move.

63 Degrees, Interior

63 Degrees came about as after living in Manchester for more than a year, son Alexandre convinced father and Head Chef Eric to move from Paris and open a Moreau family restaurant at the base of the Light Building on Church Street. An expression of modern French cuisine the restaurant uses only locally sourced, fresh ingredients and a style of cooking to delight the senses and convey a whole new world of taste.

Loin of lamb with lemon thyme, caramelised upside-down tomato tart, reduced lamb jus

Loin of lamb with lemon thyme, caramelised upside-down tomato tart, reduced lamb jus

So why 63 Degrees? – Well apparently it’s the perfect temperature to serve coffee at, and now the perfect temperature to slow cook poultry to give it a taste like nothing you’ve ever had before. It is a style perfected by Head Chef Eric Moreau and is a signature style well worth trying. You can get an idea of what’s on offer if you take a look at the 63 Degrees A La Carte Menu – Summer 2015

King prawn risotto, 63 Degrees

King prawn risotto, 63 Degrees

In its original location 63 Degrees gathered a lot of fans and rave reviews from the local press and residents, me included and this is sure to continue in the new home! The food is of the highest quality and is matched with an exceptional wine list and even better levels of service that you can only get from a family run restaurant. Welcome to Hige Street 63 Degrees!

63 Degrees / 104 High Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M4 1HQ / 0161 832 5438 / WEBSITE